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Salut! Begin to Hope for Happy Pills! Huge fan of Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Nellie McKay, Suzanne Vega, Juliana Hatfield, Sasha Dobson, Scarlett Johansson, Liz Phair, Jenny Lewis, Melody Gardot, Blondie and more. I'm also obsessed with David Lynch, Joan Fontaine, Olivia De Havilland, and Ava Gardner. "The Color of Our Planet From Far, Far Away..."

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Someone said we were all dead 
Life’s worth nothing at all
That’s not true, I'm here with you
And I’ve been here before

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The Primitives | Crash (Official Video)

Fav group of mine when I was a teen. They were an alternative flash in the pan for the time, but I really loved them (and still do). They actually have recorded some new material after 20 some odd years & still sound really great (I admit I was pleasantly surprised). As trivia, they opened for The Sugarcubes on a US Tour. That show came to town and I was too fucking young to get in!!! I regret that to this day and even have a copy of the poster to that show.

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The Primitives - Way Behind Me

I’m gonna try my best move/I’m gonna leave you way behind me…’ Sun is shining through the windows this morning. Time for some sun-kissed pop. 

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bel-vista’s Lost Gems of the 80’s -1988

Crash: The Primatives

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The Primitives - Stop Killing Me

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Remember that catchy song ‘Crash’? This is the same band albeit decades later. It’s a covers album but it’s still a nice listen.

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