On High In Blue Tomorrows

"The Color of Our Planet From Far, Far Away..."

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Someone said we were all dead 
Life’s worth nothing at all
That’s not true, I'm here with you
And I’ve been here before

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The Primitives | Crash (Official Video)

Fav group of mine when I was a teen. They were an alternative flash in the pan for the time, but I really loved them (and still do). They actually have recorded some new material after 20 some odd years & still sound really great (I admit I was pleasantly surprised). As trivia, they opened for The Sugarcubes on a US Tour. That show came to town and I was too fucking young to get in!!! I regret that to this day and even have a copy of the poster to that show.

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The Primitives - Way Behind Me

I’m gonna try my best move/I’m gonna leave you way behind me…’ Sun is shining through the windows this morning. Time for some sun-kissed pop. 

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bel-vista’s Lost Gems of the 80’s -1988

Crash: The Primatives

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The Primitives - Stop Killing Me

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Remember that catchy song ‘Crash’? This is the same band albeit decades later. It’s a covers album but it’s still a nice listen.

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